The new V-Class.

Large as life.

Life is full of special moments and is thus just as unique as the new V-Class. Developed with a feel for driving pleasure and dynamism, it brings a pure love of life to the roads. A vehicle which stands out wherever it is, with unmistakable Mercedes-Benz styling.


Grand. Unique.

Expressive front and unparalleled form. Perfected down to the very last detail, the new V-Class offers a variable interior concept, while at the same time delivering an impressive driving experience. A real eye-catcher, whether you're on tour with your whole family or travelling in style on business with a full load of passengers.

Driving pleasure

Every kilometre is a delight.

Powerful and agile – a combination with which the new V-Class maximises driving dynamics and comfort. Combine the spaciousness of its interior with unique agility on the road – one-of-a-kind efficiency meets high performance. Yet noise levels remain low thanks to optimally reduced interior noise.


From space comes size.

Whether for the small joys of everyday life or simply for leisure, the new V-Class is ready. There is ample space for whatever you need to take with you, plus plenty of great ideas to help simplify your journey. The separately opening rear window1 is just one of them. Thus making loading and unloading child's play.

1) Standard equipment for V-Class AVANTGARDE, optional for V-Class.


Already a provider. For tomorrow.

A companion you can really rely on. Assistance and safety systems in the new V-Class optimally support the driver in all driving situations, therefore making it the trendsetter of its class. And with the powerful, yet fuel-efficient engines, it takes care of its long-lasting responsibility for the environment too.

  • The new V-Class. Life-size. Take a first look at the V-Class highlights.
  • The new V-Class. Life-size. Take a first look at the V-Class highlights.
  • The new V-Class. Life-size. Take a first look at the V-Class highlights.

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